Postdoctoral position in Remote Sensing of Forest Natural Disturbances

Postdoctoral position in Remote Sensing of Forest Natural Disturbances

Temporary employment 24 months.

  • Location

Department of Forest Resource Management
SLU Campus Umeå
Skogsmarksgränd 17 S 901 83 Umeå - Sweden


The position is supported by Horizon project RESDINET and SLU Forest Damage Center. RESDINET ( is a network project for novel remote sensing technologies in forest disturbance ecology, with collaborators from several departments at SLU, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute, the University of Eastern Finland, and the Slovak Academy of Sciences. The SLU Forest Damage Centre is ( initiated by a government commission to prevent, monitor and develop knowledge for managing forest damage. The SLU Forest Damage Centre aims to lead knowledge development in forest damage issues in Sweden and ensure that scientific results and data are known and utilized in society.

  • Skills

The position is intended for a researcher early in their career and we are primarily looking for candidates with doctoral degree issued no more than three years ago. A doctoral degree is required in relevant areas such as remote sensing, forestry, ecology, agriculture, and computer sciences. Experiences in scientific programming and remote sensing data processing and analysis are required, as well as fluent in English for communication and scientific writing. Knowledge and experience in drone imagery, multispectral and hyperspectral imagery, spectral analysis, time-series analysis, change detection, upscaling, data fusion, forest pests and diseases, environmental modeling, machine learning, and statistics are meritorious, as well as the ability of fast learning and critical thinking.

  • Application

Please submit your application before deadline 30 May 2024. You can submit your application by clicking here

  • Contact

Langning Huo
Project leader, Researcher
+46 90-786 85 24

Jonas Bohlin
Head of Forest Remote Sensing Division
+46 90-786 86 40

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Publication date: 16 May 2024 | By: Corinne MARTIN