Wood sciences are currently practiced by a diverse community of its disciplines, thematic, institutional context. The objective of the GDR "Wood Science" is to gather the community around scientific themes cross, such as determinism qualities of wood declined from biology to engineering through structure-property relations, but also by coordination activities in the field of education, sharing of resources, relations with the international scientific community and professions.

The mission of the group are: - Improve communication between the groups involved in research on wood, disseminating information on current projects and theses involved - Promote the transfer of skills, collaborative inter- teams and multidisciplinary research - Identify the bolts and stakes and stimulate research in directions deemed important by the scientific community - Contribute to the national visibility of Wood Science and serve as relay international networks. 11 Research Teams under the INRA (Department EFPA and CEPIA) involved in this project, a total of 52 teams representing all the national institutions (including industrial research, the Ministry of Culture) involved in the research sciences Wood . Meriem Fournier, Director of the Laboratory for the Study of Forest Wood Resources (Lerfob) center site AGROPARISCH Nancy is co-chair of yhis this community with Joseph Grill Team Leader Research Mechanical Tree and Wood (MAB ) at the CNRS in Montpellier.

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