PhD position on carbon assimilation

PhD position on carbon assimilation

Drought effects on carbon assimilation and allocation in living tree biomass in forests

  • Location

CNRS-CEFE Centre d’Ecologie Fonctionnelle et Evolutive (UMR 5175)
1919 route de Mende, 34293 Montpellier - France

  • Mission

The main objectives of the PhD thesis are to quantify the consequences of increasing drought on i) forest C assimilation and wood growth, ii) C allocation among perennial and short-lived tree organs, and iii) total below ground C allocation. The research project will use both the results of five long-term rainfall manipulation experiments set in different forest ecosystems (three Mediterranean forests in Southern France, one temperate forest in North-Eastern France, and one eucalypt plantation in Brazil), and of carbon fluxes measured by eddy covariance in different forest sites within the ICOS network, to study the experimental and inter-annual effects of changing water availability.

  • Skills

Master student in ecology, forestry, biogeochemistry, ecophysiology or a related field, or an engineering degree in agronomy.
The PhD candidate should have a strong interest in forest biogeochemical cycles and ecophysiology, be willing to conduct experimental research in the field and work outside in forests, and have skills in statistical analysis and the handling of large and complex datasets.
Good communication skills in French and in English orally and in writing is also requested.

  • Application

Applications: CV and application letters sent by e-mail to Jean-Marc Limousin ( and Maxime Cailleret ( from now and until the position is filled.

  • Contact

Jean-Marc LIMOUSIN (CNRS, Montpellier),
Maxime CAILLERET (INRAE, Aix en Provence),

Publication date: 05 April 2024 | By: Corinne Martin